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Irene Torres Sigue Amaneciendo Album Art.jpg
Sigue Amaneciendo ☞ Eng. The dawn keeps rising. ✿

Sigue Amaneciendo is an anthem of determination, featuring vibrant horns by Luis Obregoso and rhythmic percussion by Matias Recharte. Led by Guillermo Subauste, the band skillfully blends Latin Rock echoes reminiscent of "Los Fabulosos Cadillacs" with the richness of Peruvian instrumentation. My lyrical style draws from the poetry of Chabuca Granda and Natalia Lafourcade, influenced by my upbringing in Toronto, immersed in Hip Hop.


Through my music, I express gratitude to past generations while celebrating resilience.

As I grew up, my mother and grandmother would recount our family's journey from Spain and Italy to Peru generations ago. Among their tales, the stories of our tenacious women stood out—confronting natural disasters, poverty, and isolation with unwavering strength.

My grandmother, Gladys, personified this indomitable spirit, leaving an enduring impact on my life. The lyrics of "Sigue Amaneciendo" are my pledge to honor these remarkable women, whose shoulders I stand upon.


Sigue amaneciendo el sol

Pase lo que pase

Trata como trato yo

De avanzar y siempre darte

Brillo para que tu voz

Como huellas, Que hasta laten

Bajo cada paso que tomó, paso que tomó, paso que tomo yo


Y mi ritmo lo bailo yo

El Cajón que lo siento yo

Esa música que me entrego 

Que me enseña encontrar mi voz 


De sentir la luz de tu sombra

Siento que voy a los hombros de todas

Con la cara dura pero dulce como miel 

Hago lo que necesito pa cuidar mi bebe 

Cargo bien mis herramientas completas

Lampa , palo y cuchillo y mi mesa

Blanca, siempre llena de muchas velas, 

vasitos de agua pa los quien recuerdan

Lo que siento 

No Se puede describir 

Cuando Bailas conmigo 

Me mueves tan rico 

Me haces feliz


The dawn keeps rising

No Matter what may happen

No matter how hard I try 

To go forward and give shine to your voice

Like fingerprints and heartbeat under each step I take

Each step I take, Each step I take

I dance to my own rhythm 

Hear the Cajón and I feel it too

To this music that showed me the way

Helped me find my voice


When I feel the light of your shadows

I feel like I rise on the shoulders of others

With a hard glance but my manner sweet like honey 

I do all I need,  to take care of my baby

I carry well my complete box of tools

Shovel, Stick, knife and my table

White with flowers, always got many candles

And glasses of water for those that remember


What I ‘m feeling

I can’t even describe

When you dance with me

You move me so sweetly

You make me happy


Vocals/voz: Irene Torres

Vocal Arrangement/ : Jono Grant

Guitars/guitarras: JJ Acuña & Eric St-Laurent

Percussion/percusión & Cajón: Luis Orbegoso & Dhany Mario Rivas Rosas

Bass/bajo: Matías Recharte

Drums:  Matías Recharte

Trombone/Trombóne : Luis Orbegoso 

Composition/composición: Irene Torres & Guillermo Subauste

Lyrics/ Letras: Irene Torres & Guillermo Subauste

Mixed/mezcla & Engineer/ingeniero: Guillermo Subauste @ Pacha Sound

Master/masterización: Jono Grant

Producer/productor: Eric St-Laurent & JJ Acuña 

Label: Vesuvius Music Inc.

Management: Made With Pencil Crayons

Special thanks/ muchas gracias a Fidelia Torres,  Oscar Butteler, Vesuvius Music Inc. (Lorenzo Digianfelice, Jaymz Bee, Gigi Marentette), Chris Churchill, nuestro equipo y mi familia.

Irene has four singles out!



In a world of fast-paced music, Irene Torres is a rare gem that captures the soul of her audience. Born in Lima, Peru and based in Toronto, Canada, Torres has over a decade of experience on the international music scene. As the front-woman for several ensembles, including the Flamenco fusion group Santerias, the Afro-Cuban band Battle of Santiago, the Latin house project Sol Azul, and her own blues and soul group Irene Torres & The Sugar Devils, she has earned a reputation for her powerful and precise vocal delivery that conveys deep emotional depth.

Now, Torres is embarking on a new journey as she turns inward to record a solo album of original songs and traditional covers in homage to her Peruvian roots. This highly-anticipated album blends the traditional instrumentation of Peru with Torres' raw and honest storytelling, showcasing her unique artistic voice.

Torres' first single, "Fuego," has already made waves in the music industry, earning recognition as one of CBC Music's Global Music radio show Frequencies top tracks of 2022. Her latest single, "Mirada," is a true testament to Torres's creative range. Featuring a blend of a 1950s Cuban afro groove, akin to a bolero, Peruvian instrumentation, and a traditional festejo section, the song was inspired by Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera's tumultuous love story. It celebrates the bittersweet melancholy of fiercely devoted lovers who are united despite their differences.

With her exceptional debut solo album on the horizon, Torres is sure to captivate her audience once again. Her performances showcase her incredible vocal talent, unique artistic vision, and deep commitment to sharing her culture and experiences with the world. Don't miss your chance to witness the magic of Irene Torres.

"Irene is a singer from the heart. I catch myself not concentrating on playing my percussion because she gets me involved in the lyric.  She is capable of transmitting emotion to audiences that don’t necessarily understand the Spanish language.
- Luis Orbegoso (percussionist)
"I had been aware of Irene Torres from being on the scene in Toronto over the last few years with her RnB band, and always thought she was great. a private house concert one night I heard her sing in Spanish. It was as though she was transformed by singing in her native language. She had me hanging on every word, every note. I rushed up to her afterwards and told that she HAD to record in Spanish. I still feel the goosebumps."
- Lou Pomanti (producer)
"Irene is a pleasure to work with in the studio. She's bright and full of joy when she sings, bringing a ton of personality and texture to anything she's involved with. A big voice on this girl! I can't wait to hear and mix the album she's currently got cookin'!"
- Jono Grant (producer)
"Irene is not only a great vocalist hitting all ranges and styles but her live, onstage performance is out of this world."
- Lorenzo Digianfelice (VMI)
"Irene's effortless delivery captures the audience's attention immediately, while her intense charisma seals the deal for anyone attuned to the power of song and dance."
- Eric St-Laurent (Guitarist, producer)

"Irene Torres has a comfort level as a performer that makes her a star. Not only does she have a fantastic voice and talent, but also her music has something very special and unique to say. Everyone who meets her feels immediately at home." 
- Jaymz Bee (Radio host, producer)


Battle of Santiago!
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