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Coming in 2022 


The release of Irene Torres' first solo album. 


If you are from Toronto, you may have witnessed one of Irene's many enchanting and exciting performances on stages in various music communities.

Peruvian-born singer and visual artist Irene Torres has been active in Toronto's music for about a decade. As a frontwoman for many groups, she has appeared with the Flamenco fusion ensemble, Santerias, the Afro Cuban band Battle of Santiago, the Tiki Collective, her original blues and soul music supergroup Irene Torres & The SugarDevils, and the Latin house project Sol Azul

Irene is a small package, with huge pipes. Her singing is soulful, passionate and precise. She is elegant, yet punchy, innocent yet wise, genuine, present and caring. 

And you've been wondering - where is this artist's solo project? Oh, it's coming!  And the good news is, that Irene is crafting her debut solo project with deep reverence for who she is and what she wants to say.

Greatly influenced by her culture, heritage and unique life's journey - this debut will feature a fusion of the folkloric instrumentation of Peru and the raw storytelling of her original lyrics.

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"Irene is a singer from the heart. I catch myself not concentrating on playing my percussion because she gets me involved in the lyric.  She is capable of transmitting emotion to audiences that don’t necessarily understand the Spanish language.
- Luis Orbegoso (percussionist)
"I had been aware of Irene Torres from being on the scene in Toronto over the last few years with her RnB band, and always thought she was great. Then...at a private house concert one night I heard her sing in Spanish. It was as though she was transformed by singing in her native language. She had me hanging on every word, every note. I rushed up to her afterwards and told that she HAD to record in Spanish. I still feel the goosebumps."
- Lou Pomanti (producer)
"Irene is a pleasure to work with in the studio. She's bright and full of joy when she sings, bringing a ton of personality and texture to anything she's involved with. A big voice on this girl! I can't wait to hear and mix the album she's currently got cookin'!"
- Jono Grant (producer)
"Irene is not only a great vocalist hitting all ranges and styles but her live, onstage performance is out of this world."
- Lorenzo Digianfelice (VMI)