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"Travesía [voyage]," the inaugural solo album by Irene Torres, signifies a journey back to her Peruvian roots. Sung in Spanish, the album consists of five original tracks, three cover songs, and three instrumental interludes, blending a unique array of musical styles, including Afro-Peruvian rhythms, bolero, lando, marinera, tondero, valsé, and festejo. 


The album features an ensemble of prominent Latin musicians from Canada alongside traditional Peruvian instruments and percussion, culminating in a sound that is both authentic and innovative.

Recorded at Pacha Sound under the expert guidance of Lima-born Guillermo Subauste, the album reflects Irene's dual heritage as a Peruvian immigrant and Canadian citizen. The collaborative effort includes writing contributions from JJ Jerónimo Acuña and Guillermo Subauste, alongside talented musicians Matias Recharte, Dhany Mario Rivas Rosas, Luisito Orbegoso, Eric St-Laurent and Alexander Brown, and vocal arrangements by Jono Grant.

"Travesía'' is a narrative of the sometimes difficult journey to home, identity, and belonging. Traversing the emotional landscape of an immigrant, exploring themes of adaptation, nostalgia, and enduring connections to one's roots, it encapsulates Irene's personal journey from Peru to Canada, evolving from the physicality of spaces to the intangible essence of moments and memories.

From the reminiscences of her mother's strong presence to the chaos of her father's paint brushes and canvas, to the bond with her brother, "Travesía" is a testament to the notion that home is not just a place but a tapestry of the growth from her experiences and relationships. It invites listeners to reflect on their own definitions of home, encouraging a deeper understanding of the universal experiences of displacement and the search for belonging.

Download the album description

Download the One Sheet & Track Descriptions



1. A Èl Que No Adivina (0:46) Luis Orbegoso / Dhany Mario Rivas Rosas

2. Mirada (3:24) Irene Torres / Jeronimo Acuña

3. Me He de Guardar (2:56) Chabuca Granda

4. Fuego (3:30 ) Irene Torres / Jeronimo Acuña

5. Voz y Voto (3:48) Irene Torres / Jeronimo Acuña

6. Madreselva (3:53) Irene Torres / Jeronimo Acuña

7. Sigue Amaneciendo (3:03) Irene Torres / Guillermo Subauste

8. Una conversación - Instrumental (1:13) Luis Orbegoso / Dhany Mario Rivas Rosas

9. Desdén (4:01) Walter Fernandez Calvimonte / Miguel Paz

10. Soledad (4:03) Irene Torres / Jeronimo Acuña

11. Tumba y Cajón (3:51) Juan Cotito Medrano

12. Está de Fiesta Este Cajón (2:12) L. Orbegoso / D. Mario R. Rosas


Irene Torres: Lead vocals (all tracks except 1, 5, 8, 12)

JJ Acuña: Guitar (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11) bass (3,5, 10), b.vocals (3, 2, 6, 11)

Eric St-Laurent: Guitar (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11), synth (7)

Guillermo Subauste: Cajón (7), bass (7), guitar (7), e-drums (7)

Luis Orbegoso: Cajón (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12), bata (5), campana (2, 6) shaker (2), güira (6), congas (3), bongos (2, 3, 9, 11), trombone (4, 7), lead vocals (1, 12) b.vocals (2, 6, 11)

Dhany Mario Rivas Rosas: Cajón (all tracks except 7), b.vocals (2, 6, 11)

Matias Recharte: Bass (2, 4, 6, 9, 11) zapatao (5) quijada (2, 5, 6), b.vocals (2, 6, 11)

Alexander Brown: Trumpet (4)

Jono Grant: Vocal arrangments (2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11)

* All tracks are original compositions except tracks 3, 9 and 11.

​Recorded and mixed by Guillermo Subauste and Jono Grant and mastered by Jono Grant Toronto, 2023

Produced by: JJ Acuña and Eric St-Laurent

Cover photography by Robert McGee



Irene Torres, born in Lima, Peru, moved to Canada with her family as refugees when she was six years old. Now a proud Canadian citizen, she is an established member of Toronto's diverse music scene. Her career is distinguished by a blend of musical experiences, drawing a wide array of global influences.

Irene's early life introduced her to a variety of musical styles. Influenced by artists like Arturo Zambo Cavero, Sharon Jones and Susana Baca, she developed an appreciation for eclectic genres, shaping her diverse future musical pursuits. It was during her twenties in Toronto that she discovered her true passion for music, a journey that began with an encounter with jazz vocalist Ben D’Cunha. This experience led to her deep understanding and skill in music and singing, leading to studio work and fronting many bands. 

Her entrance into the professional music scene was marked by a performance at an Errol Fisher concert, opening doors to new opportunities and collaborations. Working with musician David McMorrow, Irene furthered her knowledge and appreciation of jazz.


In 2009, Irene co-founded "Irene Torres & The Sugar Devils," exploring blues and soul music. The band's tours across North America and the release of two albums helped establish her presence in these musical genres.

Irene's versatility as a musician is evident in her collaborations with various groups, including "Santerias" and "Battle of Santiago." These collaborations showcase her ability to adapt and excel in different musical styles. Her creative path took a significant turn in 2012 after meeting Jaymz Bee, leading to further creative projects and connections in Toronto's music scene.


​Her latest project, "Travesía," translating to voyage, represents a significant new phase in her career. The album, featuring traditional Peruvian instrumentation and personal storytelling, showcases her growth as an artist and dedication to her cultural roots.

Download Irene's Bio 

"Irene is a singer from the heart. I catch myself not concentrating on playing my percussion because she gets me involved in the lyric.  She is capable of transmitting emotion to audiences that don’t necessarily understand the Spanish language.
- Luis Orbegoso (percussionist)
"I had been aware of Irene Torres from being on the scene in Toronto over the last few years with her RnB band, and always thought she was great. a private house concert one night I heard her sing in Spanish. It was as though she was transformed by singing in her native language. She had me hanging on every word, every note. I rushed up to her afterwards and told that she HAD to record in Spanish. I still feel the goosebumps."
- Lou Pomanti (producer)
"Irene is a pleasure to work with in the studio. She's bright and full of joy when she sings, bringing a ton of personality and texture to anything she's involved with. A big voice on this girl! I can't wait to hear and mix the album she's currently got cookin'!"
- Jono Grant (producer)
"Irene is not only a great vocalist hitting all ranges and styles but her live, onstage performance is out of this world."
- Lorenzo Digianfelice (VMI)
"Irene's effortless delivery captures the audience's attention immediately, while her intense charisma seals the deal for anyone attuned to the power of song and dance."
- Eric St-Laurent (Guitarist, producer)

"Irene Torres has a comfort level as a performer that makes her a star. Not only does she have a fantastic voice and talent, but also her music has something very special and unique to say. Everyone who meets her feels immediately at home." 
- Jaymz Bee (Radio host, producer)

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