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Miˈɾaða ☞ Eng. Gaze. Inspired by the tumultuous and passionate love story of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.

Inspired by the tumultuous love story of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, Peruvian-Canadian singer Irene Torres presents "Mirada" (English translation: "Gaze"). This heartfelt song blends a 1950s Cuban Afro groove, traditional Peruvian instrumentation, and a vibrant "festejo" in a celebration of the bittersweet melancholy experienced by lovers who are fiercely devoted to each other despite their differences.

Beginning with a slow, moody intro that sets the scene for lovers caught in the heat of an argument, "Mirada" explores the emotional journey of two individuals seeking reconciliation. The biting words exchanged in the heat of the moment are palpable, but the song takes an uplifting turn in the bridge, celebrating the joy of reuniting after conflict.

Featuring an impressive lineup of musicians, including Irene Torres on vocals, JJ Acuña and Eric St-Laurent on guitars, and Luis Orbegoso and Dhany Mario Rivas Rosas on percussion, "Mirada" is a testament to the power of love and devotion in the face of adversity. The song's instrumentation features traditional Peruvian elements such as the Cajón, Quijada, and Campana, creating an immersive experience that transports listeners to a world of passion and desire.

Don't miss Irene Torres performing live at REVIVAL on May 17th, presented by Hugh's Room Live.


Como duele   Como duele   Como duele   Como duele tu mirada


Yo quiero estar,   Quiero estar,   Quiero estar,  A tu lado y amada


Pies cansados, derrumbados

Este camino en vano , 

Pero final he llegado

Que me mate el dolor, como no pudo el amor

Porque no me ves, no me ves


Tus palabras son espadas ,      

Me atraviesen a tajadas

Este baile de langor,  Mi pobre corazón

Tus besos saben como curar

 ...mis penas



Mirame,   desenvuelve tu querer,    abrazame, Líbrame del castigo 

Mirame,   desenvuelve tu querer,    abrazame,



Quema Bien, quema Bien, 

Esta santa yerba buena te va sanar

Quema Bien, quema bien

Esa Huachuma de sueños... te va servir



Pasa el huevo

Dale tiempo

una vela, Saca la pena, 

limpia los oscuro que cargas escondido

Te pesa y te marca por dentro

Quema Bien, quema bien


La tortura 

de mirarte sin tocarte

Respirarte,  acercarme

Duele más que tu sabes


 Mis palabras son espadas ,   

te atraviesen a tajadas


Este baile de langor,  

Mi pobre corazón

Solo tus besos curan

 Todas las penas


[QUEMA Bien , quema bien]

Tu Mirada

[QUEMA Bien , quema bien]

La Tortura

[esa yerba buena te va sanar]

[QUEMA Bien, Quema bien]

Tu Mirada


How it hurts, How it hurts, 

when you look at me


Just want to be, need to be, by your side wrapped in your love 


Feet so tired 

and broken down

Walking this path in vain

But I’ve finally arrived


Let the pain kill me slowly,

The way that love never could

Because you don’t see me, 

You never see me


Your words are like daggers, 

that cross me and slice me

In this dance of anguish, 

my poor heart

Yet only your kisses can cure, 

all of this sadness


Look at me, 

reveal your love to me, 

embrace me, 

Free me from this torture


Look at me, 

reveal your love to me, 

embrace me..


Burn so good ,Burn so good!


This holy herb that is going to heal you

Burns so good ,Burns so good 

This brew of dreams that will surely aid you


Cleanse your spirit

Give it time

Like burning a candle, 

extinguish your sadness 

Cleanse all that’s heavy and dark, 

that you carry hidden inside

And that weighs you, and hurts you 


Burn so good ,Burn so good!


The torture of 

Of seeing you but never holding you

To breathe you in, get a little closer

It hurts more than you could know


My words are like swords, 

that cross you and slice you

Yet only your kiss can heal

All of my sadness


Hurts so good Hurts so good

When you look at me

Burns so good, hurts so good

The torture

Hurts so Good, Hurts so good

When you look at me


Vocals/voz: Irene Torres

Backing Vocals/ voces de fondo: JJ Acuña, Matías Recharte, Dhany Mario Rivas Rosas , Luis Orbegoso 

Guitars/guitarras: JJ Acuña & Eric St-Laurent

Percussion/percusión & Cajón: Luis Orbegoso & Dhany Mario Rivas Rosas

Quijada & bass/bajo: Matías Recharte

Composition/composición: Irene Torres & Juan Jeronimo Acuna Duran (AKA JJ Acuña)

Mixed/mezcla & Engineer/ingeniero: Guillermo Subauste @ Pacha Sound

Master/masterización: Jono Grant

Producer/productor: Eric St-Laurent & JJ Acuña 

© 2022 Irene Torres under exclusive license to Vesuvius Music Inc. / IDLA

Special thanks/ muchas gracias a Fidelia Torres,  Oscar Butteler, Vesuvius Music Inc. (Lorenzo Digianfelice, Jaymz Bee, Gigi Marentette), Chris Churchill, nuestro equipo y mi familia.

Irene's first two singles are out now

 Her' debut solo album will be released in 2023



In a world of fast-paced music, Irene Torres is a rare gem that captures the soul of her audience. Born in Lima, Peru and based in Toronto, Canada, Torres has over a decade of experience on the international music scene. As the front-woman for several ensembles, including the Flamenco fusion group Santerias, the Afro-Cuban band Battle of Santiago, the Latin house project Sol Azul, and her own blues and soul group Irene Torres & The Sugar Devils, she has earned a reputation for her powerful and precise vocal delivery that conveys deep emotional depth.

Now, Torres is embarking on a new journey as she turns inward to record a solo album of original songs and traditional covers in homage to her Peruvian roots. This highly-anticipated album blends the traditional instrumentation of Peru with Torres' raw and honest storytelling, showcasing her unique artistic voice.

Torres' first single, "Fuego," has already made waves in the music industry, earning recognition as one of CBC Music's Global Music radio show Frequencies top tracks of 2022. Her latest single, "Mirada," is a true testament to Torres's creative range. Featuring a blend of a 1950s Cuban afro groove, akin to a bolero, Peruvian instrumentation, and a traditional festejo section, the song was inspired by Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera's tumultuous love story. It celebrates the bittersweet melancholy of fiercely devoted lovers who are united despite their differences.

With her exceptional debut solo album on the horizon, Torres is sure to captivate her audience once again. Her performances showcase her incredible vocal talent, unique artistic vision, and deep commitment to sharing her culture and experiences with the world. Don't miss your chance to witness the magic of Irene Torres.

"Irene is a singer from the heart. I catch myself not concentrating on playing my percussion because she gets me involved in the lyric.  She is capable of transmitting emotion to audiences that don’t necessarily understand the Spanish language.
- Luis Orbegoso (percussionist)
"I had been aware of Irene Torres from being on the scene in Toronto over the last few years with her RnB band, and always thought she was great. a private house concert one night I heard her sing in Spanish. It was as though she was transformed by singing in her native language. She had me hanging on every word, every note. I rushed up to her afterwards and told that she HAD to record in Spanish. I still feel the goosebumps."
- Lou Pomanti (producer)
"Irene is a pleasure to work with in the studio. She's bright and full of joy when she sings, bringing a ton of personality and texture to anything she's involved with. A big voice on this girl! I can't wait to hear and mix the album she's currently got cookin'!"
- Jono Grant (producer)
"Irene is not only a great vocalist hitting all ranges and styles but her live, onstage performance is out of this world."
- Lorenzo Digianfelice (VMI)
"Irene's effortless delivery captures the audience's attention immediately, while her intense charisma seals the deal for anyone attuned to the power of song and dance."
- Eric St-Laurent (Guitarist, producer)

"Irene Torres has a comfort level as a performer that makes her a star. Not only does she have a fantastic voice and talent, but also her music has something very special and unique to say. Everyone who meets her feels immediately at home." 
- Jaymz Bee (Radio host, producer)


Battle of Santiago!
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